Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage

Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage of many countries and nationalities is endangered. If you studied history in college, you probably know it. Moreover, you're aware of the organizations whose work aims to draw the attention of the public to this problem. Even though many students decide to ask experts to write my essay for me not to bother with a huge amount of homework, it doesn't mean that students don't want to know about the problems of humanity and don't want to solve them. All they need is a little help they get online. By the way, it's a chance for many students to participate in volunteering programs in their country or even abroad. Tibetian cultural heritage isn't the only one in danger: many ethnicities worry that future generations will forget their past. There are many ways people can preserve cultural heritage: if they write well, they can share posts on social media to attract people's attention, others can donate money to fundraising organizations, etc. The desire is the most important thing here, just as time and effort for writing good essays.

Modern people lack knowledge foreign cultures, and even their own. If you think this statement is wrong, you’re mistaken; otherwise, various projects and initiatives aiming to preserve a certain culture wouldn’t exist. Future won’t exist without the past, and we must instil this truth in younger generations. Education is the best way to do it; however, we must do it cautiously. Students are already loaded with many subjects so they have to ask writing services for help. Writers and editors working on these services were students once ago, they understand what motivates students to order papers and are always ready to craft an outstanding essay or research.

Tibetan Yogis Village

Rigzin Rabpel Ling Program

  • Covering cultural and educational aspects, this program was dedicated to supporting Tibetan villagers in the area of Rebkong, Qinghai province, China.

2011 - 2016 Achievements

  • Financing high school and university education (17 disadvantaged students in 5 different villages have been able to study),
  • Renovation of Rigzin Rabpel Ling Ngakpa House, the most ancient in the area,
  • Construction of new facilities for Rigzin Rabpel Ling Ngakpa House (kitchen, guest rooms, storage...),
  • Construction of a retreat center (8 meditation rooms for local Ngakpas and Tibetan Medicine students).
  • Many thanks to the people who have been participating in this program!

The Ngakpa Tradition

  • Ngakpas and Ngakmas are lay tantric practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism. They are also known as Tibetan yogis, most of them being farmers who typically balance intensive spiritual practices with family and householder life.

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