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Education Project
Sponsor High School or University Students!...Any amount is appreciated!


Secondary education lasts 6 years, after which, students receive a certificate of graduation.


The first 3 years are free of charge in order to increase school attendance, especially in low income areas.


At the end of these 3 years, many young people are obliged to interrupt their studies unless they get scholarships or private subsidies.


Although the cost of high school (250 €/325 USD per year per student), may

 seem to be rather low for westerners, it is too high for their families, since the average income per person in these villages is about 375 €/490 USD per year. University which costs 1350 €/1755 USD per year (this includes only tuition fees and scholar books) is even less accessible.  








There are still more than 100 students who need help in this area.


Your contribution can change their life!


Make a secured donation online using Paypal with your credit card or Paypal account!








Thanks for your generosity, see you soon on our website

for an update on this program !