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 News...Program Update - March 2016...!  



 Financing High School and University Education 

Now collecting money for 2016!

Many students do not have the opportunity to attend high school or university because their family cannot afford paying tuition fees.

Since 2012 we are collecting money to help them go to high school or university. Funds needed for this project: 250 € / 280 USD per high school student per year; 1 350 € / 1 500 USD per university student per year.Any amount of money will help and is very much appreciated!

With the money collected in 2015, we have been able to help 17 students in 5 different villages: 7 students started university in September last year, 2 students are in year 2 at the university including one who is studying to become a teacher for kids, 1 started to study Tibetan Medicine and 7 are attending high school. Students and their parents are very grateful to receive help from westerners. Many thanks to the donors from all of them.


 Retreat Center (8 meditation rooms)

Local ngakpas and Traditional Tibetan Medicine students are doing retreats in the 3 meditation rooms, with shared solar shower and toilet, which are finished.
The external structure of 5 additional rooms has been constructed. Internal structure is currently being built since April. Funds needed to finish building these 5 additional rooms are estimated at 57 730 RMB / 8 250 € (not including yard and garden).


 Ngakpa House Premises (kitchen, store, guest room) 

Construction of new facilities for the Rigzin Rabpel Ling Ngakpa House (kitchen, store and guest room) is finished.

Ngakpa House


The renovation of the Ngakpa House, the most ancient in the area, was finished on time for the Shitro ritual; many thanks to the people who have been supporting this project.



More than 450 Ngakpas and Ngakmos gathered in Rigzin Rabpel Ling on June 24-26, 2014 to perform the ritual for the benefit of living or dead relatives and friends. More than 1000 villagers leaving in the Rebkong area attended this event that has not been organized in Rigzin Rabpel Ling for 32 years. Dr Nida, together with TTM students and practioners from all over the world, participated in this event spending several days in the village.